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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This could include personal data such as name, email address, personal account preferences; and technical data, such as information about cookies.

  • full name, to uniquely identify it on a computer network.
  • email, so we can contact you with promotional messages, announcements and special offers.

These explanations indicate the legal basis for the collection and conservation of your data or the active consent of the user. Personal data is not only created by a user’s interactions on the site. Personal data is also generated from technical processes such as contact forms, comments, cookies, analytics and third-party embeds. By default, WordPress does not collect any personal data about visitors, and only collects the data displayed on the user profile screen for registered users. However, some of your plugins may also collect personal data. Add relevant information below.


When you make a comment, your email is captured in the comments. We have noted the data that WordPress collects by default.


All uploaded files are normally publicly accessible.

Contact forms

By default, the page does not include a contact form.


We have provided cookies by default.


By default the page does not collect any analytical data.

Who do we share your data with?

  1. Yuri Ramirez, official administrator of the website, answers emails and phone numbers.

By default, no personal data is shared with anyone.

How long do we keep your data

We keep contact form entries for six months, and customer purchase records for ten years.

What rights do you have over your data

Users have the right to privacy.

Contact information

contact method for specific privacy issues: Ricardo Aldaba (623)-879-2549

How we protect your data

On this website any user is anonymous, it is not necessary to register to browse, if you want to send an email it will be recorded, just like phone calls, they are saved, after a period of 30 inactive days they are completely deleted without obligation. At Aldaba Sprinklers we are committed to protecting your personal information and not selling your information to other sites or spam.

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